Mortgage Rates Hover
Freddie Mac recently released the results of its Primary Mortgage Market Survey® (PMMS®) in which the […]
New York State
Here is some great first-time home-buyer news: SONYMA (State Of NY Mortgage Agency)  has announced two new features […]
Properties For Sale
In my first article in this series, Photographing Properties for Sale in Ulster County, I discussed what […]
Mortgage Modification Scams
Mortgage modification scams can occur when unscrupulous people prey on borrowers who are struggling to keep […]
To Find A New Home
Have you been sick and tired paying for your monthly rent and yet you still can […]
Real Estate Market Review
The last four years of residential sales for all of Ulster County MLS are as follows; […]
Real Estate Rebound
A house for sale on Clinton Avenue in Kingston. The regional real estate market, which has […]
Home Upgrades
The situation: You want to make some improvements to your house, but don’t want to spend […]
Mortgage With So-So Credit
Getting a mortgage can be tough these days — even people with near-perfect credit have been […]
Single Women Buying Homes
As you may be aware the fastest growing demographic in real estate sales is single women […]